Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ship Anniversary Gifts Overseas for Free!

Do you struggle to find anniversary gifts for friends and relatives overseas? I remember how frustrating it can be to have to buy the lightest gifts, pack them in the smallest box I could find and take them to the post office, only to find that the shipping cost far exceeded the value of the gifts! Not a satisfying experience for me or the anniversary couple!

Fast forward to the online world. Now we can solve this age old problem by using the power of the internet. The secret is to buy the anniversary gift in the country where you are sending it so that the postage is less or, if you follow these tips, totally free!

Here are some of my favourite ideas:
  • Amazon: Operating in many countries, Amazon is one of my favourite online retailers. They offer free shipping on orders above $25 in Canada and U.S. Simply use my anniversary gift buying guides to select that perfect gift. Locate it on Amazon, order and send! And I should mention that even with the free shipping option, they are extremely fast!
  • Flowers: Simply locate a florist near the anniversary couple or use one of the large international florists such as FTD or Interflora. Select from a wide range of bouquets, floral arrangements or plants, add accessories such as balloons, vases or cuddly toys and you have a great anniversary gift!
  • Online Department Stores: Think of the major department stores in the country where the anniversary couple lives, and search online to see if they have an online presence. Once you find one or two, your anniversary gift giving problems will be over. Delivery costs are likely to be reasonable, or you may have the option of letting your friends pick up the gift at the store. Alternatively, there is always the option of getting a gift card for their local store.
  • Groceries: I have used home delivered groceries in the U.K. to send anniversary cakes, champagne, chocolates, smoked salmon and other goodies, and the delivery charge is very low. Locate an online grocery store close to their home and in no time at all you can order a feast to help them celebrate their anniversary in style!
I hope that reading this article has given you some ideas to reduce shipping costs and improve your anniversary gift giving for your friends and relatives overseas.